Wednesday, December 16, 2009

single white females.

some really super photos feat. hot babes for you to perve on this morning..

(from top to bottom: miranda kerr in v magazine, viktor vautier, via tumblr, lara stone, ellen von unwerth, uma thurman by ellen von unwerth, catherina baba at paris fashion week via, brooke nipar x 2)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

nasty, put some clothes on.

i've long been a fan of nasty gal vintage, but their latest video look book has made me lovelovelove them approximately sixteen-point-eight times more.

i can't decide whether it's the clothes or the TOTAL BABES wearing them.. or maybe it's the fact that i am absolutely baffled as to how ones' hair could possibly be so shiny..

ohhhhh and fyi - i copped that karen walker 'she's cracked' necklace a couple of weeks back thanks to a hot tip from a girlfriend. AND the vintage moschino belt i bought on ebay finally arrived!! i have basically been whoring it every day like it's going out of fashion.. which it couldn't possibly be 'cause it's so effing sweet!

which reminds me - only eight (shopping) days left until christmas, so if you're looking for that little something (for me), hit up blonde venus in the valley for a pair of these wicked-sick house of holland pantone tights (black, plz). at $25, they're a lot cheaper than the ultra cute pink cap sleeved dress (which would also make a great christmas present if you want to splash out).