Thursday, May 27, 2010

you can't dress trashy 'til you spend a lot of money.

some visual stimulation for your friday morning..

(francoise hardy, rumi's favourite things via fashiontoast, not sure where this one's from but i thought it was pretty cool, gala via amlul, gail sorronda, balmain fall 2010 x 2, birthday suit, not sure but i love the swimsuit)


Monday, May 24, 2010

kiki in cannes.

here's what kirsten dunst wore to the 2010 cannes film festival closing ceremony. she was there to promote her directorial debut, a six-minute short film entitled 'bastard'.

while i am kind of biased because i am totally in love with the dress, i think it's nice to see kirsten in a bright colour that perfectly complements her fair complexion, and even nicer to see her looking so smiley!

if you're having dress-de-ja-vu, you may recognise this piece from the chanel 2011 cruise collection, as modelled by 'our' abbey lee..

oh, and here's kiki again, just out and about in cannes chillin' in her miu miu skirt.. as you do.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

remember coco?

i love uncle karl as much as the next girl, but i don't feel that his 'remember now - chanel cruise 2011' video conveys the elegance and timeless style that chanel was once renowned for.

it's not all bad, though.. here are (in my opinion) the film's saving graces, in point form for easy reading:
  • it's nice to see someone doing something a little out of the box and capitalising on viral advertising
  • abbey lee's new hair cut looks amaaaazing (although after the vip party it seems to have magically grown long again? oh, to live in fashionland!)
  • the clothes and styling are perfect (if you're a model whose life consists of party-hopping with sugar daddies in saint tropez)
  • lagerfeld proves he can shoot movies just as well as he can take photos/rule the fashion world/shit talk on women who look like women and not twelve year old boys.
  • oh, and leigh lezark makes an appearance doing what she does best - spinning discs and being stupidly hot. now where'd that chanel onesie get to?

what do you think of karl's film? do you think mademoiselle chanel would be turning in her grave?


a is for angry.

a spot of aggressive advertising to kick off your friday morning.

(via fourthousand)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


jess chatterton is going places.. both literally (i swear she is in a different country every month) and figuratively with her label, lubanci.

the brisbane based designer has just released her second official collection and is already garnering a lot of attention (just check her facebook comments if you need proof), and it's easy to see why.
jess' personal style can best be described as 'nonchalant elegance' and this is reflected in her designs. every lubanci piece is innately feminine - dreamy silhouettes formed in soft, luxurious fabrics, always with an element of whimsy.

in short, you can't help but feel like a mega babe when wearing one of jess's designs.

this season sees a departure from the capricious to a more structured and sombre look - it is winter, after all. i'm loving the moody palette of slate, heather and barely-there cloud grey.

and a couple of shots from lubanci ss10..

(photos 1-4 - photographer: shaelah ariotti, model: chelsea graver, h&mua: lauren mccowan; photos 5&6 - photographer: shaelah ariotti, model: annie hill, h&mua: kate at finch by sparrow)


Monday, May 10, 2010


some of my favourite looks from rosemount australian fashion week:

snakeskin leather pants at stolen girlfriends club

stolen girlfriends club

romance was born - 'renaissance dinotopia'

loving these stripper boots..

umm.. volcano dress/bag/hat? only romance could pull this off.

i'll have these boots, too..

beautiful colour palette and australian outback digital prints at karla spetic..

demure layers, tulle and foofy bits at gail sorronda..

dion lee knows the way to my heart is through sunray pleats..

(last photo:, all other photos: six6photography)


Thursday, May 6, 2010

rude girl.

african animals, leopard print and rihanna in a studded leather body suit.. what more could you want? (actually, i really, reeeallly want her rasta-inspired fringed hotpants..)

i know i'm a little late on this one, but i thought it was worth posting anyway.. there's been a slew of awesome music videos lately (this does not include the clip for mgmt's atrocious 'flash dilirium'), but rihanna's 'rude boy' is definitely of the best.

salt n pepa are an obvious influence here, but rihanna pulls off the late 80s/early 90s nyc hoochie mama look so well you'd think she invented that shit herself.

teaming with the 80s/90s theme, there's some post-production artwork by michael basquiat (famed for his graffiti over nyc's buildings and trains, but also a seriously amazing artist) featuring his signature 'basquiat crown', and the keith haring-esque body suit in the rihanna-on-a-zebra scene (haring is another new york artist who started out doing chalk drawings - hence the chalk-on-pavement/white-on-black)..

i.e. could this video be any more amazing?


ps not sure why the words are all broken up in this post, nor do i know how to fix it. sawwry!


(xxxxxl bag by chip chop)