Wednesday, April 14, 2010

swedish hasbeens.

yeah yeah, it's old-ish news, but clogs are enjoying a massive resurgence at the moment. while i'm not a huge fan of the trend (there are some seriously heinous clogs out there) i really, really love swedish hasbeens.

i first saw them on annabelle at blushing ambition a few months back (she's wearing them today, too), then in amsterdam (i wish i'd bought them 'cause they were super cheap) and now they're in store at gorman.

the clogs are all hand made and are based on original 70s models - some of them have even been created using the same lasts as their predecessors. they're also produced in an eco-freindly manner which is a plus, but the best part is that they are sooo comfy!!

these are the ones that are on my wish list. i know there's only two styles here but i've got an aversion to shoes with ankle straps..

(photos 1, 2, 4 and 5 from and i don't know where number 3 came from but it was the only one i could find that showed the front of the shoe)



i am completely smitten with shakuhachi's fall/winter 2010 collection! each and every piece is so wearable, and would be so easy to work into your existing wardrobe. the silhouettes and colours and simple yet stunning and the dresses are easy peasy - just add black opaques and some wedges/black docs, and you're good to go.

i'd like to snap up just about everything, but these are my absolute favourites..

utility long vest

high lace wedge

cut twist dress (my favouritest!)

not sure if this shaggy pullover is for sale, but i love it anyway

leather dungarees (definitely need these)

holey moley tee

cold as ice boiler suit (i can't go past a good onesie)
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

perks and mini.

loving these solid silver fang necklaces from p.a.m.! lusting after the black one in particular but i am short about $294.

available at the outpost in brisbane or online here.


happy birthday gaga!

how super cute is this video?



okay, so it's been a good while since my last blog post but i was super busy jet setting and since i've been home i have had a pretty bad case of holiday hang over and have been feeling uninspired to say the least.

anyway, i finally found something to inspire me and it comes in the form of retrosuperfuture's latest collection. i've been a fan of this label for a minute now and already my collection is bursting at the seams.. still, you can never have enough sunnies, right?

super's range is becoming much more diverse with the introduction of a number of new silhouettes coupled with bang-on colourways and finishes. did i mention they are all hand made in italy? simplicity, quality and freshness for days - these glasses are the shit. available here.

here's the 'w' in black - it's one of the new styles and takes its cues from late 70s italian design. i probably wouldn't buy these myself, i just think they're great..

another new frame - the 'people' in light. 70s porno chic perfection.

these are on my have-to-have-right-now list - another newbie, the 'lucia', in summer safari and puma. fucking babetown.

and finally, my old faithful - the 'ciccio', reinterpreted in cheetah. if these don't make you want to pack up your life and ride off into the savannah, nothing will. actually, they just make me want to re-watch the lion king.

(all photos from


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

shoes, glorious shoes!

here's a bunch of shoes i want right now..

topshop 'oscar' wedge (in pale blue)

melissa 'kali' wedge

maurie and eve wedges (either colour will do.. pity they're totally sold out in a 41 - sad face. who knew there so many other girls with giant feet out there?)

finsk wedges

rachel comey badger clog

opening ceremony sandals

acne pose lace-up wedges

and some flats so my mum doesn't lecture me about bunions/calf shortening/breaking my ankles - sambag ballet flats x 2