Wednesday, December 16, 2009

single white females.

some really super photos feat. hot babes for you to perve on this morning..

(from top to bottom: miranda kerr in v magazine, viktor vautier, via tumblr, lara stone, ellen von unwerth, uma thurman by ellen von unwerth, catherina baba at paris fashion week via, brooke nipar x 2)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

nasty, put some clothes on.

i've long been a fan of nasty gal vintage, but their latest video look book has made me lovelovelove them approximately sixteen-point-eight times more.

i can't decide whether it's the clothes or the TOTAL BABES wearing them.. or maybe it's the fact that i am absolutely baffled as to how ones' hair could possibly be so shiny..

ohhhhh and fyi - i copped that karen walker 'she's cracked' necklace a couple of weeks back thanks to a hot tip from a girlfriend. AND the vintage moschino belt i bought on ebay finally arrived!! i have basically been whoring it every day like it's going out of fashion.. which it couldn't possibly be 'cause it's so effing sweet!

which reminds me - only eight (shopping) days left until christmas, so if you're looking for that little something (for me), hit up blonde venus in the valley for a pair of these wicked-sick house of holland pantone tights (black, plz). at $25, they're a lot cheaper than the ultra cute pink cap sleeved dress (which would also make a great christmas present if you want to splash out).


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

she's cracked.

i know this necklace is kind of old news, but i totally forgot that it was my mission to track it down until i remembered today that i still do not own it.. a veritable sartorial tragedy.

it's from karen walker's fall 09 collection, 'she's cracked', and is currently only available on shopbop (from what i can tell). her silver jewellery is usually too dainty and pretty (read: subtle) for my liking, but this amalgamation of chunky plastic and a gold dookie rope is just perfect..


coco in motion.

v magazine has launched a video entitled 'coco in motion' by up-and-coming stop motion filmmaker, stephen smith, to coincide with the release of issue 62 - featuring a smokin' hot natalie portman on the cover, dontchya know! natty p is dripping with chanel and boys everywhere are promptly jizzing themselves. enjoy..

cool indeed..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

forty candles.

happy birthday to sesame street - celebrating the big 4-0 today!

i figured the only fitting way to celebrate such a milestone would be to enjoy an afternoon of fantastic educational viewing, so let's flip it back to the old school with a selection of some of my favourite sesame street moments..

cookie monster is soooo pimp!!!

and my personal favourite..

cecile is a fucking queen!

in other news, i popped along to the msit 'inside out' fashion parade last night to see the billabong simwear competition, amongst other things. it was a super evening - some really, really amazing design and production work, and some really different and original pieces (although there was still a lot of lady gaga/balmain/gothic lolita influence.. snore!).

the winner of the aspiration award presented the most to-die-for full length pale pink chiffon dress with giant puffball sleeves, cowled hips and a white leather harness around the bodice (kicking myself i didn't duck home to get my camera after work!!!) and if anyone knows who i have to sweet talk to get one of those mint green brocade bodysuits with the frilly hips and crazy puff sleeves - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

millinery was also on show and while there were a heap of sweet designs, the best would have to have been a cerise-coloured turban that made me want to get up out of my seat and rip it off the model's head. it was better than prada. for real.

oh, and the lamb cutlets at interval were the icing on the cake.. or the meat in my hands? i don't really know, but i can say for sure that they were heaven on a bone.


Monday, November 9, 2009

lost and defeated.

just a bunch of things that are inspiring me this afternoon..

(from top: silje skolseg, raquel zimmermann shot by mario sorrenti, via fashiontoast, photo by ellen von unwerth, from elle magazine, dree hemingway, illustration by cecilia carstedt, old photo of carmel's in brisbane, 4th and bleeker, wild fox fall 09 lookbook)
off to dinner tonight with my mum and boyfriend, and then the tedious task of taking measurements of all the stuff i'm going to sell on ebay.. fun!!

side note - taj mahal restaurant in new farm is pretty much the greatest provider of indian noms i have ever experienced. can not believe their butter chicken, nor the fact that i have walked past it about nine thousand times, but have never eaten there. go there right now for the greatest food of your life. seriously.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


my friend, luke, showed me a website yesterday - it's called roiworld and i am absolutely obsessed..

basically you pick a collection/theme/celebrity, the wardrobe pops up with a mannequin and you can style, style away!

first i styled my girl/fashion crushes - zooey deschanel, jessica stam, M.I.A., lady gaga and princess riri.. then i decided i needed an avatar, so i tried to make one that at least resembled me slightly (it was kind of difficult as you can't change the hair colour and apparently all brunettes have horrible taste in clothing). i was pretty chuffed with the final result, until i started getting comments on it..

"she looks pretty serious" and "change ur hairstyle and take off the glass become more beautiful".. i hate being insulted, especially in broken english.

anyway, here's the avatar in question, plus a few others i put together..



zooey deschanel:
enough of that for now, i'm off to the fred perry party!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


what started out as a post about a couple of pairs of miu miu shoes from the spring 2010 collection has now turned into a full run-down of the show..

inspired by the survival of innocence and heavily print-orientated, the collection features cats, swallows and reclining nudes splashed across hyper-feminine, cut-out silhouettes. clasically restrained shapes in black, white, pastel pink, baby blue and a hint of red, are reworked with just the right amount of flesh and a smattering of sequins, beads and crystals thrown in for good measure. even the hair and makeup had me swooning!

it's sugary sweet with a definite schoolgirl vibe, but also kind of reminds me of old western movies, showgirls and fairy floss..

oooh and the shoes..

images from and

i'd love to see these shoes reinterpreted with a bit more colour - not that i'm questioning ms. prada..

oh, and do feel free to purchase any of the above items for me. kthx.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i was trying to think of a name for this blog, so i wrote down a thousand words and, well, the rest is history..