Tuesday, October 5, 2010


(photo via anniieemal)

it's been a little while between posts and a lot's been going on.. since then i've celebrated my one year blogiversary, checked out the up late edition of the awe-inspiring valentino, retrospective with dj krush, partied in a safari suit at parklife, helped out on a hell yeah shoot, had a little encounter with cypress hill, experienced two of the worst hang overs of my life, and, most importantly, made the switch to wordpress.

you can now find my ramblings musings over at silk and floss.


Monday, September 20, 2010


mary katrantzou's london fashion week offering was crazy astonishing - definitely the most fresh and innovative collection i have seen in a good while (okay, viktor & rolf ss10 was pretty amazing).

while digital print is kind of suffocating the fashion world at the moment, this lass is one designer who's doing it right - she takes it to a whole new level and totally owns it. who else is doing hypersurrealistic (that's definitely a word) seventies architectural digest interior shots over sculpted silhouettes? noone. and there is definitely noone appropriating their prints like katrantzou - swathes of chiffon and oodles of fringing become curtains, pelmets adorn shoulders, bunches of flowers bloom on sleeve hems and there is also a very literal interpretation of a lampshade as a skirt. even the neckpieces were in on the act, forming chandeliers for the dream-like scenes. the shoes were a bit of a let down, but i think we can let that slide..

(all photos from style.com)

oh how i wish i could get inside those houses!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010


karla spetic's ss10/11 collection 'centre' has just dropped.

it was love at first sight when i saw the pics from her rafw show but the lookbook flicks have got me going gaga. there is nothing better than photography that is simple, clean and effective; and these images portray perfectly the static desolation and loneliness of the vast australian outback that inspired this collection.

wish i could get all these pieces into my wardrobe:

(pics from little flirt and maximillia)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


..is better than sex. it's true.

if you don't believe me, check out these pics i took with my now-defunct lomo. and just so you know how pro i am - i took the first two while i was riding. yeeow!


Monday, September 13, 2010


i just saw the footage from the proenza schouler fw 2010/11 womenswear show and i am completely besotted. although the weather right now has filled my mind with thoughts of floaty day dresses, balmy summer nights and endless days on the beach, this video has got me pining for winter to come back (but only if i can have this entire collection in my wardrobe)..


Sunday, September 12, 2010


debt is the slavery of the free - publilius syrus

(photo: diego diaz)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


sooo.. i think i've just discovered my new favourite jewellery line! noir is a fourteen year old label (umm.. where have you been on my fashion radar?) owned and designed by new yorker leeora catalan.

over the years the label has accumulated an impressive roll call of celebrity clients including lady gaga, madonna, eve, katy perry, kelis, patricia field (and subsequently, sjp), a. keys, rihanna and even our kylie, and designs from the house have been commissioned by betsey johnson, marc jacobs and moschino to name a few.

it's easy to see why noir have been so successful - adorable, witty and off-the-heezy costume jewels materialised in more-durable-than-diva rhodium and gold plating, studded with multi-coloured cubic zirconias, all at pretty reasonable prices.. noir is pretty much just awesome all round.

i simply can't go past anything glittery and animal-oriented, nor can i say no to a good ol' knuckle duster. these little treasures seem destined for my jewel box..

fig the flying pig (ohh how i love piggies!):

goldie the elephant:

jules the octopus:

the frog king:

keith haring double baby knuckle duster:

brooklyn bridge knuckle duster:

sanguaro cactus (ohhh so cute!):

kylie wearing the baddest knuckle duster i've ever seen..

(all photos from noir)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


there's nothing quite like that time of the year when the country comes to the city.. the august winds blow in and bring with them carnies, bushies, animals (but no piggies - bloody swine flu!) and all the cwa ladies' scones you can handle for the royal queensland show aka the exhbition aka the ekka.

for ten days the rna showgrounds plays host to cattle judging, horse jumping, woodchopping, countless farm animals, cotton, wool and leather parades, those crazy displays made of fruit and vegetables, honey tastings, ice cream eating competitions, and of course the mandatory show bags, fairy floss, dagwood dogs and the nightly arena entertainment which this year included freestyle motocross, a monster truck, some sort of decathlon-style woodchopping competition, and a fireworks and laser show.

my tip is not to go on the last day. the showbags were pretty much all sold out, pavilions closed early and the poor animals had definitely had enough by the time we got there - bubby goats who would normally bowl you over for food were tired, bloated and just generally cbf. they made great playmates for the kids because they were too exhausted to care whether a three-year-old was tugging at their ears/dribbling all over them/tormenting them in some other way that only three-year-olds can.

here's some photos from my ekka adventure..

ekka lights
(special thanks to clinton for the gif.. and for letting me steal his photos)