Tuesday, September 7, 2010


sooo.. i think i've just discovered my new favourite jewellery line! noir is a fourteen year old label (umm.. where have you been on my fashion radar?) owned and designed by new yorker leeora catalan.

over the years the label has accumulated an impressive roll call of celebrity clients including lady gaga, madonna, eve, katy perry, kelis, patricia field (and subsequently, sjp), a. keys, rihanna and even our kylie, and designs from the house have been commissioned by betsey johnson, marc jacobs and moschino to name a few.

it's easy to see why noir have been so successful - adorable, witty and off-the-heezy costume jewels materialised in more-durable-than-diva rhodium and gold plating, studded with multi-coloured cubic zirconias, all at pretty reasonable prices.. noir is pretty much just awesome all round.

i simply can't go past anything glittery and animal-oriented, nor can i say no to a good ol' knuckle duster. these little treasures seem destined for my jewel box..

fig the flying pig (ohh how i love piggies!):

goldie the elephant:

jules the octopus:

the frog king:

keith haring double baby knuckle duster:

brooklyn bridge knuckle duster:

sanguaro cactus (ohhh so cute!):

kylie wearing the baddest knuckle duster i've ever seen..

(all photos from noir)

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