Monday, February 15, 2010

happy new year!

i've been so super busy over the last couple of months that unfortunately blogging has really been the last thing on my mind.. i think the best way to get you up to speed would be a nice little collage of words and pictures:

(photo: luis sanchis)

i got a bike for christmas - yayyyy!! no more riding my borrowed little gt with the dodgiest seat i have ever had the displeasure of sitting on, now i'm legit! i got a 24" se floval flyer in brown/tan which is pretty shit hot. i also went to a 'blast from the past' old school bmx show'n'shine last weekend, which was surprisingly awesome! will post some pics when i can muster up the energy to do so.

(photo: viktor vauthier)

on a sad note, my kitty cat, ptolemy passed away last wednesday. at sixteen years old, he had a long and happy life, but it was still very hard to say goodbye.
he was pretty much the boss of our house.. he loved to chase and catch noisy minor birds, walk all over my sewing projects, eat expensive food, and was also fond of clawing/scratching anyone and everything at his whim, so let's hope there are lots of little birdies and scratching posts up in kitty heaven..

(alexander mcqueen, 'plato's atlantis', spring 2010)

speaking of saying goodbye, we have also had to farewell to lee alexander mcqueen who died suddenly last thursday. to say that he was an amazing designer is a huge understatement.

the tragedy of his passing has been felt around the globe, with naomi campbell's 'fashion for relief - haiti' show acting as a tribute to the inimitable mcqueen. the supermodel joined with other industry heavyweights (or should that be lightweights?) helena christensen, karen elson, angela lindvall, heidi mount, sasha pivovarova and natasha poly in parading designs from his 'plato's atlantis' spring 2010 collection. his muse and close friend, daphne guinness (pictured below, centre) wore a glittering, bespoke alexander mcqueen catsuit that was a gift to her from the designer shortly before his death..

('fashion for relief' photo via

(topshop parisian platform wedge)

in much happier news, i will be heading to the lands of sheiks, topshop, tulips and criossants next week!! i'm off on a two-week adventure to dubai, london, amsterdam and paris, and i could not possibly be more excited.. unless of course the temperatures over in europe miraculously rose to double digits within the next week or so!
if you have any suggestions for things to do or see, or if you know of any amazing vintage markets, please let me know!

au revoir!!

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