Wednesday, April 14, 2010

swedish hasbeens.

yeah yeah, it's old-ish news, but clogs are enjoying a massive resurgence at the moment. while i'm not a huge fan of the trend (there are some seriously heinous clogs out there) i really, really love swedish hasbeens.

i first saw them on annabelle at blushing ambition a few months back (she's wearing them today, too), then in amsterdam (i wish i'd bought them 'cause they were super cheap) and now they're in store at gorman.

the clogs are all hand made and are based on original 70s models - some of them have even been created using the same lasts as their predecessors. they're also produced in an eco-freindly manner which is a plus, but the best part is that they are sooo comfy!!

these are the ones that are on my wish list. i know there's only two styles here but i've got an aversion to shoes with ankle straps..

(photos 1, 2, 4 and 5 from and i don't know where number 3 came from but it was the only one i could find that showed the front of the shoe)


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