Thursday, May 13, 2010

remember coco?

i love uncle karl as much as the next girl, but i don't feel that his 'remember now - chanel cruise 2011' video conveys the elegance and timeless style that chanel was once renowned for.

it's not all bad, though.. here are (in my opinion) the film's saving graces, in point form for easy reading:
  • it's nice to see someone doing something a little out of the box and capitalising on viral advertising
  • abbey lee's new hair cut looks amaaaazing (although after the vip party it seems to have magically grown long again? oh, to live in fashionland!)
  • the clothes and styling are perfect (if you're a model whose life consists of party-hopping with sugar daddies in saint tropez)
  • lagerfeld proves he can shoot movies just as well as he can take photos/rule the fashion world/shit talk on women who look like women and not twelve year old boys.
  • oh, and leigh lezark makes an appearance doing what she does best - spinning discs and being stupidly hot. now where'd that chanel onesie get to?

what do you think of karl's film? do you think mademoiselle chanel would be turning in her grave?


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