Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh sookie!

sure, i'm not really into the whole vampire zeitgeist that's taken over the world right now and i've never read nor watched the southern vampire mysteries/true blood series, but how can you not love this - snoop dogg has dedicated a song to the tv show's protagonist, sookie stackhouse (played by new zealandish actress anna paquin who you may remember from she's all that).

who knew OGs were into vampires? oh wow, totally just had a vision of snoop dogg in his velour tracksuit and slippers watching true blood and eating ice cream on the couch (he must get the munchies pretty hardcore).

yeah, the song is kinda terrible but snoop is the king of cheesy, fun tunes (sensual seduction, anyone?) and his car is the greatest thing i have ever seen.. makes me wanna pimp my pulsar with some gold hundred spoke rims.

props must go to the d.o.g. for rhyming 'sookie' with 'mary-jane cookie' and 'true blood' with 'true bud' - that's some lyrical genius right thurr.


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