Thursday, August 5, 2010


i want, i want, i want!

antipodium's brides of christ collection is pretty fantastic. the collection was inspired by the '90s aussie tv miniseries of the same name (which starred a young naomi watts).
set in the 1960s - a time of great change in both religion and society due to the vietnam war and the sexual revolution, amongst other things - brides of christ centred around the nuns and students of a catholic girls' convent school in sydney struggling to adapt to the modern world whilst preserving the traditions and values of the ancient catholic institution.

the clothing is indicative of this tumultuous period - it's equal parts naughty and nice with prim and proper, good-girl silhouettes, uniform colours of grey, black and mustard, and a collage print comprised of images of the virgin mary, paired with scarlet red roses, cropped tops, tight-fitting waists, teensy hemlines, and a skin tight mesh top and dress with hand-shaped motifs to cover your rude bits.

amen to that!

maybe this is just nostalgia for my past as a catholic school girl (although i certainly don't miss that bitch, sister pat, who wouldn't even give me ice for my finger which was purple and black and bent completely backwards after being caught in a door hinge because i had nail polish on and 'it looked tacky with the uniform'.. ummm i thought i was going to have to have my finger amputated but hey, we don't want to look tacky now, do we?) or maybe it's just the fact that this is a great collection - in any case, here are my picks (it's pretty much the whole collection but shhh!), starting with my most favouritest - the hail mary shift dress:

(all photos:

the collection is now available in queensland at blonde venus, and also online at mycatwalk, frockshop and fashionartiste.. and probably in a bunch of interstate stores that i don't know about.


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