Wednesday, November 11, 2009

forty candles.

happy birthday to sesame street - celebrating the big 4-0 today!

i figured the only fitting way to celebrate such a milestone would be to enjoy an afternoon of fantastic educational viewing, so let's flip it back to the old school with a selection of some of my favourite sesame street moments..

cookie monster is soooo pimp!!!

and my personal favourite..

cecile is a fucking queen!

in other news, i popped along to the msit 'inside out' fashion parade last night to see the billabong simwear competition, amongst other things. it was a super evening - some really, really amazing design and production work, and some really different and original pieces (although there was still a lot of lady gaga/balmain/gothic lolita influence.. snore!).

the winner of the aspiration award presented the most to-die-for full length pale pink chiffon dress with giant puffball sleeves, cowled hips and a white leather harness around the bodice (kicking myself i didn't duck home to get my camera after work!!!) and if anyone knows who i have to sweet talk to get one of those mint green brocade bodysuits with the frilly hips and crazy puff sleeves - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

millinery was also on show and while there were a heap of sweet designs, the best would have to have been a cerise-coloured turban that made me want to get up out of my seat and rip it off the model's head. it was better than prada. for real.

oh, and the lamb cutlets at interval were the icing on the cake.. or the meat in my hands? i don't really know, but i can say for sure that they were heaven on a bone.


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