Monday, November 9, 2009

lost and defeated.

just a bunch of things that are inspiring me this afternoon..

(from top: silje skolseg, raquel zimmermann shot by mario sorrenti, via fashiontoast, photo by ellen von unwerth, from elle magazine, dree hemingway, illustration by cecilia carstedt, old photo of carmel's in brisbane, 4th and bleeker, wild fox fall 09 lookbook)
off to dinner tonight with my mum and boyfriend, and then the tedious task of taking measurements of all the stuff i'm going to sell on ebay.. fun!!

side note - taj mahal restaurant in new farm is pretty much the greatest provider of indian noms i have ever experienced. can not believe their butter chicken, nor the fact that i have walked past it about nine thousand times, but have never eaten there. go there right now for the greatest food of your life. seriously.


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