Tuesday, July 20, 2010


is there anything in this world more divine than dior? i doubt it, and if there is i don't want to know.

what i do want to know about (well, what i want you to know about) is the christian dior haute couture fall 2010 collection. to say it is breathtaking, magnificent and utterly perfect is an understatement. i know i'm really talking it up here, but seriously, check this shiz out..

as always, john galliano's designs are the epitome of glamour. the collection is inspired by the beauty and unpretentious decadence of flowers and the art of floral arrangement. the outfits are complemented by plastic-wrapped millinery by stephen jones. each look conjures up dreamy visions of the most sublime bouquets imaginable, perfect in every way - right down to the raffia ties around the models' stems.. i mean waists.

one of my favourite things about dior runway shows is that each model always has her own hair and makeup look. no mean feat considering there are 31 individual looks in this show!

tim blanks (style.com) described the collection as 'bold, shocking and delicate all at once', which is pretty spot on. petal-like layers and folds, feathered edges, ruching, dip-dying, gathers, tucks and unexpected pops of vivid colour mimic the exotic flora that entrances, seduces and leaves us mere humans completely besotted..

(all photos from style.com)


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